RS Farmers Market: A Fresh Food Farm with Fresh Services to Customers in Lekki-Ajah

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Mrs.Stella Callistus


“Good farmers give their customers the best food to consume on earth”-Godday Odidi


Few months from now, RS Farmers market will be one year old in the farming business in Africa and Nigeria, particularly Lekki-Ajah area of Lagos State.

RS Farmers Market is not just one stop shop for only fresh food from the direct farmers but also provides classic shop for food provisions for high and low class people at affordable prices.

RS Farmers Market came into already competitive and saturated market with rich food entrepreneurs who invested massively on fresh food businesses over the years but RS farmer Market presence in the recent times to change the face of fresh food distribution to customers and eating freshly from the farms.

With the unhealthy kinds of foods flooding the Nigeria market recently where food consumers die in different kinds of diseases that are incurable despite of all medications from trained local and foreign doctors in Nigeria.

RS Farmers Market has come to stay in Nigeria to provide fresh food and unexpired food provisions for Lekki-Ajah residents.

It is a market that deals directly from local farmers in the farm and has hi-tech food preservation with professional workers giving customers the best services to the core.

Mrs. Stella Callistus as the Managing Director of RS Farmers Market cum trained fashion designer over the years and for her beloved husband to introduce the idea of changing the face of local provision business to digital fresh food business in the highbrow area of Lagos State is a welcome development.

According to Captain Callistus Okhaishie, Deputy Managing Director of RS Framers Market, our intention in this farm business is to set up more branches across Nigeria to give freshness to food business in Africa. Every business needs healthy competitors whom we met when my wife and I ventured into this food business. We will continue to give our very best to clients in Lekki-Ajah area of the State.

If you want freshness in food, then visit 1 Dreamland Africana way Eleganza Bus Stop, Lekki, you will see fresh food, vegetables, meat, fish, cucumbers, carrots, apples, bananas and other consumable items. There is door to door service to clients that cannot visit the address for their purchases due to distance and busy schedules. Call for fresh food supplies now 08033350574


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