RS Farmers Market: A One Stop Shop for Fresh Food in Lekki-Ajah

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RS Farmers Market


Great businesses grow with quality services to clients”-Godday Odidi

One of the newly established one stop shops in Lekki-Ajah that deals on different kinds of fresh food is RS Farmers Market. This business was set up by Mrs.Callistus Okhaishie as the Managing Director (MD) of RS Farmers Market and supported by her beloved husband as the Deputy Managing Director (DMD) early last year.

This is one of the fast-growing fresh food companies dealing directly from the farmers that make RS Farmers Market to be the best fresh food provider to customers.

RS Farmers Market deals on fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, tomatoes, onions,plantain, pepper and other palatable fresh food that is nourishable to the human body on earth.

Captain Callistus Okhiashie is one Nigeria marine entrepreneur that is ready to give Lekki-Ajah fresh food that is healthy and devoid of artificial food that has flooded our major food farms and shops in Africa.

RS Farmers Market saw the Nigeria food markets and decides to bring the best fresh food to the doorstep of Nigerians that have love for good food from the farm.

RS Farmers Market is gradually being accepted by those around the Leki-Ajah due to freshness in their food. Their services are professional to the core.RS Farmers Market remains the best in Africa. If you want fresh food, then visit 1 Dreamland Africana way,Elegaza bus stop,Lekki-Ajah 08033350574




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