RS Farmers Market: Raising Standard in Supermarket Business in Nigeria

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“Innovative drive keeps business at geometrical progression”-Godday odidi


RS Farmers Market is currently competing favorably with other established supermarkets in Nigeria and beyond.

As the Valentine and Easter days approach, RS Farmers Market is stocking its shelves with different varieties of fresh food products and fruits to keep customers at their best taste.

RS Farmers Market is digitally customized with food products that are sold in different parts of Nigeria, cities and homes.

A first time customer to RS Farmers Market will know vividly that fresh food supermarket is into business to satisfy its customers.

The Deputy CEO of RS Farmers Market, Captian Callistus Okhaishie has continued to improve on different areas to grow the business through financial intelligence and accountability.

With the trend RS Farmers Market is going now, the possibility of expansion is fully assured because the Chief Executive Officer, Pastor(Mrs.) Stella Okhaishie always learning new ideas to repackage her fresh food supermarket.

Raising the supermarket bar in Nigeria is a dream comes true. Every fresh food and fruits are sold there with affordable tagged prices.

With the inflation of food prices, RS Farmers Market still surviving with creative management team.

If you want to get fresh food products and fruits, you can reach them on 08033350574,08117492089,1 Dreamworld Africana Way,Ashley Place Mall,Lekki.


For your business profiling contact Godday Odidi 08058124798



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