Sani Abubakar: A Detribalized Northern Business Icon with Love for Humanity in Nigeria

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Alhaji Sani Abubakar



“Every great businessman must build brand not class”-Chief Michael Ubogu


One of the renowned Lagos-Katsina based business icons that has successful run a transport business for the past 39 years is, Alhaji Sani Abubakar,Managing Director,Danmaigari Radda Trading Company Limited.

One of the Northern business gurus that has professionally displayed integrity and friendship in business in respective of the tribe you are coming from as a client, Alhaji Sani treats you as one Nigerian without adding sentimental character to it.

He has over the years employed handful of South East, South-South and South West people to his business. He believes that Nigeria can only be better if we all jettisoned tribalism and nepotism and embraced one Nigerian.

His humility and charisma in entrepreneurial leadership is worthy of emulation and always ready to offer philanthropic support to people around him with love.

For the past years, I have met Alhaji Sani as an accomplished business icon, his lifestyle has endeared him to people that matters in life.

If you must be in the good books of Alhaji Sani in life, integrity, accountability and truthfulness must be displayed as a person or client. His transport business brand remains one of the best in Africa and beyond.

His philanthropic legacy has earned him many respects among his peers and business partners across the globe. He is a business icon that is loved by his community over the years. He remains a transport icon with love for humanitarian services in Africa.







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