Sanity and Revival must return to the Pulpit (2)

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By Godday Odidi

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”-Matthew 6:33

In my first write up on this subject matter last week, I received many commendations from my online readers and why the ministry must return to its old order

In Matthew 6:33, the Bible tells us here that true believers must seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all the good things of life shall be added unto you but the reverse is now the case. Most preachers and believers now seek for earthly wealth, position and fame allowing the kingdom of God to suffer in different ministerial missions on earth.

I ‘m not here to criticize any pastor in Africa or Nigeria but to correct ourselves on the trending issues affecting Christians in recent times. If we continue to preach ourselves on the pulpit without Jesus Christ, it means, we are giving room to kingdom of darkness to grow in our churches.

The body of Christ belongs to the church and the church belongs to the people. It means the people must abide with the scriptural instructions from God but we have decided to be preaching against ourselves as pastors on the pulpit.

It is sad these days that most altars of God have been polluted by these so-called ministers of God who pride themselves as digital preachers in this 21st century without preaching end-time messages.

Few years ago, if you are a pastor, you command respect in every society you find yourself but the case is now reverse due to some ostentatious lifestyles of our present preachers now.

The revival of the gospel must start from the pastors to church members to bring back the gospel of the old. If the Holy Bible remains the same chapters and verses, what stops ministers of God not to continue to preach the right messages for their congregation.

Having looked at some of the messages of Jesus Christ being preached by some of the ancient preachers that were commissioned by raw fathers in the Lord in those days, I discovered their messages still centered on salavation.It is more of interpreting God’s words in the Bible to our modern-day Christians in Africa.

The Bible says “Many are called but few are chosen”. There are many factors that had led to many servants of God deviating from their original callings such as economic hardship, congregational pressure, ministerial competition, imitations, family challenges, foreign lifestyles and other disturbing factors in the Christendom.

Watching Billy Graham’s benediction service on NBC news, a top American preacher who died recently at the ripe age of 100 years (1918-2018), and his burial ceremony was orderly coordinated by the Christian bodies in USA.His passage was a testimonial grace of a great minister of God who left the world with unbeatable legacies.

Our modern-day preachers should focus more on winning souls for Christ than preaching themselves which have no ministerial values to believers on earth. The Bible also says”Judgement will start from the church”. This scripture is giving us guideline on how the last days on earth would look like if we fail to repent from our known and unknown sins. It is time for us preachers to preach undiluted messages to our congregation than preaching ourselves for earthly recognitions.      


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