Sanity and Revival must Return to the Pulpit Now

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Godday Odidi



“For it is not ye that speak, but the spirit of your father which speaketh in you”-Matthew 10:20

It is hard these days to differentiate pastors from politicians and business establishments from church houses now.30years ago, sanity in our churches were more pronounced that pastors were more interested in the kingdom assignment than earthy acquisitions or fame.

I grew up in the Apostolic church as a kid then where holiness was preached and unholy attitudes were given instant punishment or face the back seat of the church. If you commit fornication then, it was as if the world has ended with your sin but these days, fornication or adultery or any kind of sin is normal. God understands since we are living in grace which had made many Christians to become hellfire candidates and not interested with rapture anymore.

But what I see today now is that many called servants of God now preaching themselves than Jesus Christ. It is sad that after inviting a servant of God to preach in your pulpit, 80 percent of his or her message is how he or she travels abroad on first class flight or met with government officials or acquire perishable wealth. Is that the message of revival or salvation?

Do I really blame those who have decided not to attend any church service again in their lives? The spirit of revivalists are diminishing in our churches today while Satan kingdom is expanding with new intakes of weak Christians that prefer wealth making to heaven.

Our Holy Bible never made mistake when it says” Many are called but few are chosen”. The chosen ones are few in this planet earth. We have failed to operate with the Holy Spirit than operating in our mere mortal spirits for our selfish interests.

This article is not to criticize pastors but to correct this new trend that has taken over our churches now. How can a pastor come to the pulpit every Sunday to preach about his wealth acquisition without preaching God’s word? Many a time, I have witnessed such unholy manner of some pastors who have taken churches as their second businesses to create dubious wealth without winning souls into the kingdom of God.

No day passes by without evil news about pastors in Africa. The Bible says “Judge not, that ye be not judged”. We are not here to judge any servant of God but this trend must be corrected in order to depopulate the kingdom of darkness. If the real undiluted word of God is preached in our churches always, sin and wickedness will be minimized in our land.

If God uses you to heal people or bless them, while coming to the pulpit to claim glory of God to youself.Our major assignment as pastors on earth to win souls for Christ not just prosperity messages alone.

Again, sanity and revival must return to our churches and pastors must pray fervently to hear from God always. In those days, if God uses you, elders and pastors position such person in his or her area of calling to operate effectively but the trend has changed hands now, position can only be given to you base on your swelling bank account or tribal mentality. How can the church burn in fire again when leadership somersault is dubiously displayed in our means now?

It is sad that some social media handlers now take pastors’ activities to the cleaners without giving absolute respects to these ministers of God in Africa. Some church pastors in Africa are still toeing the path of righteousness and holiness to see that their members make heaven on the last day.

Our churches now a place to showcase beautiful make-ups,hair styles,clothes,shoes,cars,wrist-watches,mobile phones and Ipads and other ungodly manners that can’t please God. Crusade evangelism and revival programmes are gradually fading out in our means.

Recently, a woman in one of our Pentecostal churches was robbed after church service because she was seen with a dollar note in her hands. The fear of God is no longer sacrosanct in our lives as Christians again.

Finally, it is time we pleaded for the mercy of God in our lives and allowed Holy Spirit to take absolute control. House of God should be different from club houses. The respect pastors used to command in those days must return to our churches now. Shadow of pastors then were healing people because holiness and righteousness took over the churches. Fetish prosperity as a pastor can only ends in hell fire, so, it is time for backsliding clergies to repent and surrender themselves totally for Jesus Christ. “Nobody is above mistake in life and if we are out of track with Jesus Christ, we should be ready to correct ourselves before the enemies of darkness take over us. God can use anybody on earth to correct our mistakes if we are ready to keep pride aside now”.





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