Seven Ways to Receive Blessings from God-Bishop Umunna

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Bishop Leonard Umunna,Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral(BLCC)



Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC) and father of church drama in Nigeria, Bishop Leonard Umunna has cautioned Christians across the globe to rededicate their lives to Christ in order to receive blessings from God.

According to Bishop Umunna, while taking his scriptural verse from Proverbs 16:7 which say “when a man’s ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him”. Every Christian must be committed to God to receive direct blessings from Him.

You can be a child of God without be blessed or celebrated in life. God does not make us to suffer as His children. He also highlighted seven ways God can bless His Children

1.God will make their talents and gifts to shine.
2. He will raise people to help them.
3. God will increase their capacity through knowledge.
4. God will weaken the hand of the enemy for their sake.
5. He will make their encounters to work out for their good.
6. God will show them favour before their boss.
7. God will use their capacity to make way for them.

Bishop added that God never allow His children to suffer in life if their ways please Him.







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