Silas Buowe:A Trained Legal Icon cum Prophetic Preacher with Philanthropic Legacies

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Pastor Silas



“Great preachers preach goodnews for the saints”-Godday Odidi


I have been following the philanthropic legacies of Pastor Barr.Silas Buowe, General Overseer of Faith Teaching Bible Church, a trained legal icon cum creative politician who has been playing grassroots politics for years in Delta State.

We spoke on facebook about two months ago and last year where he commended Mindset Media/Gabriovoice works and I have closely watched his evangelical works and political activities in Delta State and Isoko nation.

I watched some of his prophetic healing videos online; I saw the awesome power of God in his life. His prophetic ministrations on live streaming shows Pastor Buowe is really called to ministry to liberate souls and recover their destinies in life.

He is one renowned Isoko preachers that knows the value of media ministry and philanthropic legacy in Africa.

In Umeh Need Road Forum, he has contributed his little support to help humanity in spite that his ministry still needs massive architectural beatification at all levels.

As a trained legal icon and All Progressives Congress Secretary in Delta State and convener of Isoko Equity Group advocating for quality political representation at the national level, his political inputs are worthy of emulation to the core.

He features regularly on Quest Radio as a means to reach out to worshippers across the globe through the undiluted power of God in his life.

In Mindset Media Limited/, we promote vibrant gospel preachers that know the value of ministry and why they are called into God’s works. He is a preacher that wants his members to be self-independent and be heavenly acknowledged.

After watching one of his prophetic healing videos, I was deeply convinced in my heart to profile his evangelical works on Isoko nation cannot celebrate their own preachers, will continue to celebrate them at all levels.

Pastor Buowe is another Isoko Reinhard Bonnke that is filled with the power of God. Some looking at his political antecedents as means of earthly judgment without seeing the positive side of his ministry and philanthropic legacies. He remains a prophetic teacher with Midas touch.











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