Sir.Blessing Obomovo:A Professional Builder with Humanitarian Capacity

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Sir.Blessing Obomovo is fast-becoming a popular professional builder that has taste for excellent services to clients globally and locally.

With his recent investiture into the knighthood of Anglican Communion, Sir.Blessing Obomovo has professionally and humbly distinguished himself as a growing star whose lifestyle has attracted high and mighty to him.

I watched the event carefully as an image maker, I saw that Sir. Blessing Obomovo knighthood investiture was more popular and he attracted array of youths and guests from all walks of life to attend the ceremony. He is not the richest personalities that received the knighthood investiture but his attitude towards people is excellent.

As a professional builder, Sir. Blessing Obomovo has embarked on some gigantic building projects from estate to personal building to industrial projects with excellent delivery to clients over time.

When it comes to building creativity and design, he is a professional that has knack for business and ready to deliver jobs that can attract more jobs to his company.

At the knighthood investiture, Sir.Blessing Obomovo caught the attention of all social media writers, photographers and online publishers than other knighthood members. His personality carriage is second to none in Isokoland.

According to him, “I’m not afraid to die and I will continue to do my best for humanity as my power carries me”. He is a young man that has the heart of gold for both the rich and poor. He is a friend of the grassroots.







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