Sir Jerry Wanodi: A Young Business Mogul with Pedigree

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Sir.Jerry Wanodi


“Looking smart is a good business”-Godday Odidi


One of the fast-rising smart oil and gas entrepreneur whose entrepreneurial leadership has earned him many accolades and praises locally and globally is Sir.Jerry Wanodi 1 of Ozuaha Kingdom of Rivers State and Managing Director of Porsche Oil Group of Companies.

As a trained business mogul that knows the value of looking smart and neat in business leadership, he has able to build vibrant company employing youths and adults in Africa.

Sir.Jerry Wanodi is an experienced oil and gas magnate that has associated himself with those that control the oil and gas sector in Africa over the years.

Porsche Oil Group of Companies is one of the fast-growing companies in Africa embracing the idea of renewable energy that would soon face-out the antiquated fuel cars usage.

He has greatly impacted his community with humanitarian services to community development.

One feature that distinguishes Sir. Jerry Wanodi in life is humility and commitment to God’s works always. Looking smart and neat in business meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences are parts of business strategies of Sir.Jerry Wanodi in life. He is a brand in the oil and gas sector in Africa and beyond.







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