Sir.Jerry Wanodi: A Young Businessman with Untainted Records in Humanitarian Leadership

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Sir.Jerry Wanodi



“Every good entrepreneur progresses with rightful ideas in growth and development”-Godday Odidi


One of the fastest growing young Lagos-Rivers based entrepreneurs whose passion to grow entrepreneurial leadership in Africa is Sir.Jerry Wanodi,aka Aliche Ishimini 1 of Ozuaha Kingdom of Rivers State,Chief Executive Officer of Porsche Oil Group of Companies.

When it comes to community leadership development and support, Sir.Jerry Wanodi has always been committed to his people with magnanimous love over the years.

His philanthropic love has earned him much respect in Rivers State which he believes in community empowerment and creative leadership for his people.

With his untainted records in business and humanity, Sir.Jerry has become a voice that cannot be ignored in his community. He is loved by his philanthropic largesse and unimpeachable humility exhibited in business leadership and religious world.

Porsche Oil Group of Companies is one of the well-established companies that has employed over thousands of youths and adults in Africa.

One thing that has distinguished Sir.Jerry Wanodi from his business peer groups is integrity and accountability in business development and management in the oil and gas sector. He is committed to business leadership legacies in Africa. He is a CEO that thinks positively and creatively to his management team.




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