Sir.Jerry Wanodi: An Oil and Gas Magnate with Love for Humanity and Supporting God’s Kingdom

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Sir.Jerry Wanodi


“Every giver has a reward in heaven”-Godday Odidi


Sir. Jerry Wanodi, President/Chief Executive Officer of Porshe Oil Group of Companies, aka Aliche Ishimini 1 of Ozuaha Kingdom of Rivers State, one of the fastest-growing oil and gas entrepreneur whose passion to promote humanity, create employment opportunities for youths and support God’s kingdom across Africa.

As a trained oil and gas magnate cum philanthropic supporter in Nigeria, Sir.Jerry Wanodi is a man of peace whose entrepreneurial leadership has earned him many accolades among corporate players in the international communities over the years.

When it comes to promoting God’s works through financial support, Sir.Jerry Wanodi does not take a second thought than seeing God’s projects as his first port of call in life.

He has continued to expand his entrepreneurial capacity in the oil and gas sector where political and community leaders across Africa accord him with so much respect.

One thing that I have learnt recently from him in a distance is knowing his spiritual father in the lord, Bishop Isaac Idahosa, lead founder Godfirst Ministries International aka Illumination Assembly where he takes solace in worshipping  God in good faith.

If he can be publicly celebrating his spiritual father on the social media always, that shows, he values ministers of God that cares for humanity.

In the oil and gas sector, Sir.Jerry Wanodi is a leading light that has created impressive legacies in community development with powerful international connections. He is one man that does things quietly without blowing his own trumpet. He remains a philanthropist with large heart in Africa.







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