Solution to Nigeria’s Leadership Problem is Apology Says Pastor Bello

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Pastor Bello

Pastor Bello Sonny is the Zonal Pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Iyanu-Ejigbo, Lagos and a leadership expert per excellence. He is one Nigerian pastor that is not afraid to air his views on National matters. In this exclusive interview with at his palatial office, he said Nigeria’s leadership problem needs apology from our present leaders that used mendacious tactics to gain political power without fulfilling their promises till date, his recent birthday bash other issues in the country.
What is your view on the present leadership in Nigeria?
We opted for quality leadership in 2015 but what we are seeing now is more of tribalistic leadership where only one section of the country occupies sensitive positions without carrying every other section along. What we have in Nigeria is rulers not leaders. You can’t build a sustainable economy on a foundation of lies. Bad leadership has been the bane of the country over the years.
Why do you want our leaders to Apologize on their misruled over the years?
In every developed society, making reference to the past will make the present have a progressive leadership that practices real democracy for her citizens. You can see the killings going on across the country, cows are uncontrollable and the leadership seems to be adamant about it. We need apologetic leaders that are ready to create enabling environment for her people. If the leadership continues like this without immediate solution, it means the future of children is bleak where only few rich enjoys our collective patrimony. Nigeria leadership needs godly leaders that that have the fear of God to build our economy not liars.
How was your birthday celebration like?
I want to use this opportunity to thank everybody that came to celebrate my birthday. God bless everyone that also shows financial love to us. It is another new beginning in my life and family. God has been faithful to us since I joined RCCG 26years ago and became a pastor 20years now. Daddy Adeboye is my father I look up to him in ministry.RCCG don’t pay me and God is the one sustaining my calling till date. I have tried other means like lecturing but God told me to do His work.
What is your advice for young pastors and youths in Nigeria?
Young pastors should preach the truth and allow God to use them to glorify His name while youths must not be in haste to make it in life. Every success starts with a process.


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