Soro Monday: Happy Birthday to a Great Friend and Progressive Brother

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Soro Monday


“Good Friends help you in the time of need or crisis”-Godday Odidi

I want to use this medium to wish my best friend of progress who is passionate about the growth of and Mindset Media Limited, Soro Monday popularly called as ‘March 29 by friends and admirers. He is from Bayelsa State but always in line to see that grows at all level in life.

For the time being, I have been praying to God to give me good friends that will change the vision of Mindset Media Limited not friends who will envy or try to insult me as a failure or as nobody in life. He came into my life to always make sure that his words of wisdom and intelligence keeps giving me hope that I Godday Odidi was never born a failure but a blessing to a generation that believes in legacy promotion in Africa.

“This year 2018, I concluded in my heart that I will not chase after people who do not contribute massively to my writing business than people who care about my well-being and the growth of my is one of the chosen one that takes the centre stage of encouraging me in words of wisdom. I had suffered in friends betraying me or competing to see that my writing business goes into extinction.

I don’t know how to describe this wonderful young man in my life. March 29 is not carried away by facebook successes but prefers to know the reality on ground. His kind of friendship is second to none in Africa and beyond.

He wants to know if those I’m spending my resources and time regularly on are really adding financial progress in my life. March 29 has become a guiding light to Gabriovoice,com.

Precisely,2018,I have decided to reduce my friends to friends that want to see real success of my Gabriovoice,com which March 29,the lotto Taliban is one of them that pass the litmus test of Mindset Media Limited.

March 29 is a friend with good heart of progress. His marketing skills and academic wisdom to me is worthy of emulation to this generation of youths in Africa. I have met friends but March 29 is passionate about Godday Odidi success not praise singing fellow of no value to my medium.

I praying to you Soro Monday that God will continue to lift you up in all your endeavours and your family in life in Jesus name Amen. You came into my life to add wisdom not material wisdom.

I weep in my closet with God to give me friends who dream and work with my passion like Soro Monday.Indeed; he is a confidant that has 21st century heart to see light in

March 29 is a goal-getter and a man with creative mindset for intellectual progress among his friends and family. How much more will I describe a man with a golden heart who keeps me busy online and offline in life?

I pray for you today that you will continue to celebrate more years on earth with joy and testimonies of life. God will lift you up above all your enemies in life. You will continue to soar higher in your career and the world and heaven will celebrate Jesus in your life. Once again, Happy Birthday sir, May God bless your new age in Jesus name Amen.

Godday Odidi



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