Soro Na Monday: A Young Man with Progressive Ideology for Great Capacity

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Soro Na Monday


“You can only know a true friend where there is crisis”-Godday Odidi

One of the highly intelligent friends I had met lately last year whose innovative ideas and sagacious approach keeps reshaping my entrepreneurial creativity is  Soro Na Monday which is prominently called by friends and admirers as’March29’ the Lotto Taliban.

The Bayelsa-born innovative entrepreneur whose humanitarian interest to see that everybody living around him enjoys the bounties of life. He is the Associate Chief Executive Officer of March29 Business Solution Limited and Principal Agent of Wesco Lotto Pool and Lottery Limited.

He is one of the reliable friends of and Mindset Media Limited that has offered useful suggestions to the growth of our medium platform for the past few months. His sagacious disposition to people is worthy of emulation to the core.

Soro Na Monday is a man full of wisdom and always ready to sacrifice himself for his worthy friends to make it in life. His openness to business opportunity and financial actualization remains unique in the world.

He is not a pretender but a realist that sees things in progressive manner and offers genuine solutions to problems. His love for our medium is not just a lip-service but someone that finds joy seeing others making progress in life.

Indeed, this young realist entrepreneur is reputable in his business and a knowledge seeker with passion for innovative leadership drive in Nigeria. He does not envy success of his friends but sees real success from a general perspective which many will not consider on that same line of life.

Soro Na Monday, will continue to celebrate your silent entrepreneurial legacies offer to friends across the Niger-Delta area of Nigeria which has distinguished your rare personality from the crowd. Keep soaring higher, the Lord is your strength in life.




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