South –South Governors must Emulate South-West Colleagues on Amotekun Security Outfit-Mr.Owigho

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The fast-rising young political advocate in Nigeria and founder of Teen Political Matters (TPM),Mr.Owigho Joseph has called on South-South governors to emulate their South-West colleagues on Amotekun security outfit to combat the many insecurity threats in the South-South region over the years, stressing that only local security outfit like this can stop the insecurity threats.

According to him while explaining the benefits of such security outfit to, said Amotekun is a primary function of South West government, they are there to preserve order as the advocate of a common man, defend against external enemies, manage economic conditions, for peace and security of life and property of its citizens and protect public interest.

He said that for the past years, the South-South people had suffered so much in the hands of cattle rustlers and other security challenges. It has come to a stage that every region must protect its citizens against external aggression.

Speaking further, Owigho said South-South governors must wake up and face the reality of governance and protect their people. Human lives belong to God and it must not be taken by disgruntled elements who felt they are untouchable with heinous crimes, he posited.



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