Steady Lane is better than fast lane

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Godday Odidi

By Godday Odidi Aguriase

Life is a school on its own.In this course of this great passion of my mine,I have met many people in my life whose lifestyles also changed my mental orientation towards achieveing certain goals in life.I have met some who claimed to be perfect human beings in their professions while seeing me as a failure,sometimes compared my personal achievements to their wards but never deterred on my set goal on a steady lane than fast lane.Life has taught me to be yourself not to compete with anybody on earth.Mindset does things diffrently as God directs us on earth.You might achieve great feat at your 20s,30s,40s and die early while some achieve great feat at 40s,50s and 60s and live longer and enjoy all their fruits of labour on earth.Not that those that achieve early cannot live longer but life taught me that everybody came into this world in different seconds ,so shall we achieve our feat in different seconds too.Be on the steady lane makes you know the real person God created you to be.Early this year,I realized in my life that,it is better to associate with those that believe in our steady lane and not those that want to see us on the fast lane without much support from them.It is better you have few friends that value you than having many friends with many accolades that does not translate into wealth in your personal life.Good mentorship from those that fear God can help an individual that seeks real mentorship to succeed in his or her career as far he or she stays on the steady lane.Thank you my readers! I remain Godday Odidi Aguriase


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