Still on 50 Cheers for Otunba Wesco

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Otunba Wesco



Otunba(Barr) Adewale Moses Osinubi is the founder of Otunba Wesco Foundation and Chief Executive Officer Wesco Lotto and Pools Limited.Today,Otunba Wesco has written his name in the annals of history books by creating employment opportunities for the youths in Nigeria and Africa. There are 50 cheers Otunba Wesco is celebrated across the globe and African countries.

  1. He is intelligent and smart in business.
  2. He is humble and creative in business.
  3. He is an intellectual philanthropist cum serial entrepreneur.
  4. He is a lawyer by profession.
  5. He is a job creator.
  6. He is an exposed business mogul.
  7. Wesco is one of the established and known businesses in Africa.
  8. He is a politician with credibility.
  9. He is a caring family man with capacity.
  10. He loves sincere business partners.
  11. He is a man of sagacious mindset.
  12. He loves grassroots sports development in Nigeria and Africa.
  13. He is a multi- award winning entrepreneur with vision for greatness in life.
  14. He is the founder of Otunba Wesco Football Club.
  15. He is a known figure in Ijebuland,Ogun State with philanthropic legacy.
  16. He is a cheerful giver.
  17. He is a man that loves good works of humanity.
  18. He is a man with large heart.
  19. He is a technocrat.
  20. His businesses are cut across the globe.
  21. Otunba Wesco has quality leadership to lead his people to the Promised Land.
  22. He has contented spirit in wealth creation.
  23. He is the CEO of Wesco Lotto and Pools Limited and founder Otunba Wesco foundation.
  24. He is a brilliant personality.
  25. He is blessed with creative staff.
  26. He is a product of University of Benin.
  27. He has respect for traditional leadership in Nigeria and Yorubaland.
  28. He is the man of the people (Grassroots).
  29. He is vocal.
  30. Otunba Wesco is academically sound to the core.
  31. He is a man of hope to the downtrodden.
  32. He is a good listener.
  33. He is the Otunba Tayese of Ore Kingdom.
  34. He comes from Odogbolu Local Government Area of Ogun State.
  35. He is a public figure.
  36. He loves reading books in business.
  37. He is a progressive personality.
  38. He is jovial.
  39. He is bold.
  40. He is a hardworking man with integrity.
  41. He is a faithful party man with love for genuine representation if given opportunity to serve at the National Assembly comes 2019.
  42. He is a silent achiever.
  43. He is a friend to the media.
  44. He is a man with his words.
  45. He is disciplined.
  46. He is an ever happy man with good heart for educational development.
  47. He is a well-travelled business mogul in Africa.
  48. He has vast experience in business development.
  49. His company is recognized across the globe.
  50. He believes in God.





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