Tade Cash: A Financial Freedom Coach cum Master Wealth Creator with Passion for Innovative Business

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Tade Esan



“Creating business value is an ultimate goal of a great investor in life”-Godday Odidi


Precisely, over 10 years ago when I met Tade Esan eminently called by friends and admirers as’Tade Cash’ through Obafemi Adeyinka,one of my intimate friends I met at Inside-out with Agatha Amata in 2005 at the University of Lagos, Law Auditorium while I was still a private secondary school tutor then.

My renowned teen’s consultant in person of Obafemi Adeyinka invited me alongside with Tade Cash to speak to array of teenage students at a Fast-food hall in Surulere, Lagos in 2007.It was a moment for we both speakers to fraternize together as friends on that faithful day.

As the journey of success stories continue to trail our little beginnings in life, I started reading through some of the financial lectures being posted on the social media space on regular basis by Tade Cash. His financial prudence and creative investment drive among 21st century investors propelled me as an image brander to include him into the Mindset hall of fame legends.

As we welcomed 2018, I concluded in my mind as a grassroots image brander and maker to start promoting young entrepreneurs from ages of 20-50.It was a great decision on me to know the exact entrepreneurs that are really aiming at creating long-term investment for the younger generations in Africa.

This decision to be promoting seasoned and creative entrepreneurs and leaders in gabriovoice.com platform was divinely mandated from God not man.

Only few people know exact mission of our medium platform and they are always ready to support our journalistic drive of fulfillment on earth. It is sad in Nigeria that many young people like Tade Cash, Tony Aspire and others are doing creatively well to bring dignity of labour to limelight but only some known entrepreneurs we knew while as kids still ringing bell as the only successful people in Africa.

Come to Tade Cash, reading through his facebook page on his financial drive to use the required knowledge to invest on the rightful business shows his dexterous skills in life. He is the Co-founder of Wealthisland Properties Limited, a company that is fully engaged in property business and financial freedom coach.

Again, Tade Cash is one of the fast-growing financial consultants whose passion to see that every Nigerian youth looks inwardly on creative investment than waiting for government to do all for them.

Tade Cash has featured in major Nigerian TV programmes as guest speaker in Inside-Out with Agatha Amata, Your view on TV and other financial freedom programmes where his inputs are felt and remembered by the conveners and the audience.

As an image writer for the past 8 years writing on legacy profiles and stories of both old and young people in Africa, the story of Tade Cash cut my attention through the Gabriovoicenews interview reply he sent to my email recently and how he lived in a single room with his mother and other of his siblings was quite touching. Every great man on earth has a similar story to tell the reading public that wants to learn from the scratch.

According to Tade Cash, poverty mentality prompted me to work harder and liberate my family from excruciating poverty and see rightful investment as the ultimate goal to success in life.

In all, Nigeria is blessed with young financial consultants like Tade Cash that can make Nigeria economy grows in positive digit if given opportunity to be directly consulted. He has delivered many lectures on financial prudence to many private companies and schools in Nigeria. He believes that savings without rightful investment will result to poverty lifestyle. His drive for financial investment is second to none in Africa. He remains a financial coach with pedigree that has travelled to some wonderful countries in the world that has 21st century knowledge in rightful investments.    



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