Tade Esan to Nigerian Youths, Stop Looking for Heroes, Be Your Own Hero

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Tade Esan

Mr.Tade Esan is the Co-Investor of WealthIsland Properties Limited and one of the fast-rising property entrepreneurs in Nigeria whose entrepreneurial interest to make young people to be property owners and have secured future for their old ages. He is a young renowned entrepreneurial speaker whose creative interest to teach young folks how to mint raw cash through genuine investment in Africa. In this exclusive interview with Gabriovoicenews.com,he explained vividly while youths must be their own heroes and work for their future in life and other sundry issues.


How many books have you read so far in your life as a property entrepreneur?

My favourite books should be the one I have not read. I have read more than 4000 books. I read average of 400 books yearly since 2005.

Why do you like reading books always?

I read because I know the gap between where I am now and where I am going is Wisdom. I love wisdom and I am passionate to acquire wisdom and use it. That is what drove me to reading. I don’t want my life to end up as warning but as a sterling example.  I get trained daily. I am hungry and I stay hungry.  I am a learner and an active experimenter.

Tell us about your background so far

I was raised in a room apartment with other siblings for the first 18 years of my life.  I decided not to allow my past to define me but to polish me for my limitless future.

You are not a failure as long as your future is greater than your past.

What is all about property development and management?

Property development and management: I have several assets and cash flow Rich companies.

Property is a good way to multiply our money. That is what I have spent my life to focus on. I initiated a concept in Africa called “Property Tweaking” and I created a concept “COMPEL” Model. It helps you to know where property will increase in value and how to buy them to create wealth.

Property optimization is one other aspect I am pioneering. In a nutshell, I was raised not seeing more than a room for the first eighteen years but today I am providing rental apartments in thousands and choice properties for people all around the continent but my base is Nigeria.

Your challenge as a property entrepreneur

There is nothing good or bad in my

universe. I treat everything as a

Challenge. If I am making several

billions now , I treat it as a challenge

not that I have arrived and if I am not

achieving my aim , I treat it as a

challenge to get things back on track


What is your advice for Nigerian youths?

Stop looking for Heroes. That is a limiting idea. Become your own Heroes. I don’t want to be a hero to anybody. I want to be my own hero.

When I was a teenager ,I learnt from the Confucius book that ” wherever I go , I should be the standard ” and I also read from the Bible of Christian faith that ” I am the light of the world ”

I learn from people but nobody is my hero . I don’t have Heroes and I am not out to be a hero to anybody. I am my own Hero. My aim is to be one of the most accomplished men I have seen in my lifetime. That makes me rise and grind daily. That makes me stay hungry and young daily.

I am a learner and I will remain so till I die. Young people should go for what they want. They should stay Hungry. Young people should know that early is cheap and late is expensive. Young folks like me should reduce their excuses and increase their effort. They should treat their efforts as their play.







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