Tears of Excellency-Godday Odidi

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Tears of Excellency-Godday Odidi


-Making Clean Money is a big task in Africa



The path I choose in life is a difficult one, sometimes I asked God if I had made mistake to live a life of ‘Excellency.’

Yesterday at Pastor Fortune Obasi’s 38th birthday celebration whose grace was great to gather all the Ajegunle role models in his house to celebrate his birthday shows his greatness in life.

I met my old time friend, Pastor Ifeanyi JP, SA Media and Publicity to the present Executive Chairman of Ifelodun LCDA, Hon.Fatai Ajidagba who told me in the means of all the role models in Ajegunle that I contributed greatly to his life. This is not money but how he learnt from Global Mindset Media Achievers Excellence Awards on ‘Excellency’ and today he is now hosting big events in big hotels unlike in those days when he was hosting it in a squalor environment.

Everybody was talking about the good things of me how I had impacted them through excellent works. Jesus Christ! me ke!

I was crying in my heart because the path I choose is a difficult one in my life.

When I was coming to Lagos in 1998 as a teenager after my secondary education in my town,Ivrogbo-Irri in Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State, My maternal father I grew up with ,told me ‘Aguriase’ you are leaving me to Lagos, you are going to a new terrain to start your higher education and life, what you must avoid ‘quick friends with quick wealth’ and be patient in life. If you follow God’s ways, anytime you pray, God will surely answer your prayers. I was brought up where I was taught that if you do good things of life reward will follow you in the end, but you must apply patient spirit to endure it.

The encomiums I received at Pastor Obasi’s birthday showed to me that my legacies are rewarded in heaven. If I die today, I would not regret living on earth.

This line of career I choose is difficult and I went ahead to choose excellent people with excellent legacies.

I have every reason to be a multi-millionaire in Lagos driving posh cars living in my own built furnished duplex in the highbrow areas of Lagos State. This job has made me met Yahoo big boys, fraud guys and Yahoo Plus guys.

One day as I was trekking to my squatting house in Ajegunle then, I met a young man being introduced to me by a friend, saw me in poverty dressing and told me Godday Odidi,you are an hardworking young man but how long would you continue to live in poverty. I had helped many young guys from your area (Isoko) to become rich. You can see my jeep, two multi-million stories buildings in Lagos here and currently building one in my town in Bayelsa State. I would give you a code and you would travel to Ghana.At that moment, I kept quiet, even only N20 was with me after preaching at the weekly activities as an assistant General Overseer then. The guy told me I just did one for one guy from your side, he just built a big mansion now in Delta State.Godday I want to help your life. Devil always visits us at our most difficult times, but I quickly remembered what my late grandmother told me about quick money, I said no sir. He drove off with his satanic introducer.

That night, I could not sleep, thinking about my life, squatting in one room in Lagos, it means if your guy carries girlfriend to the house and you are already a born-again Christian in life, you need to find a place to sleep that night by fire.

I had been tempted in different areas of life even in the house of God but I always remembered my maternal words in my life.

As I meet the likes of Michael Ubogu,Blessyn Okpowo,S.E Okpithe,Otunba Emiyede  and others along my pursuit of excellent spirit, it becomes more difficult to change from excellent ways to fraudulent ways of life.

The best time for parents to teach their children is teenage time. Those little words helping me to reshape my life against all odds in Lagos.

It is tasking living an excellent life but what I saw yesterday shows that Excellency is the best to live on earth.

I was taught that hardwork and consistency pays but it requires integrity and honesty to fulfill real goals of life.

No matter the challenges of life, every appreciation I received in life, I valued it and I know God would surely open a new chapter of greatness in us as we continue to toe the path of legacy. Young people should know that quick money from wrong sources lead to quick death. No family pressure or peer groups should change our attitude towards life.  







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