The Ajegunle Chiefs Association sets for humanitarian services in Ajegunle

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The Ajegunle Chiefs Association sets for humanitarian services in Ajegunle.Watch out for these personalities that grew up in Ajegunle and ready to offer their services to humanity.Chief Shaibu Mohammed,Akeweji 1 worldwide,projects committee chairman/Secretary-General,Barr Marvis Uwuju,HRH Dr.Kayode Isreal Baale Okunlola(JP),Akeresebierin11of Ibafon town(Royal father of the club),Chief Tunde Alapini Treasurer,Bobagunwa1 worldwide,Chief Obi Ndubuisi,Baba Jeje 1 of the source,Chief Banire(Ben Ossai) 1 of the source,Chief Asojuoba Echebiri F.Ikechukwu,Financial Secretary,Chief Frank Eborka,President,Baba Isale 1 worldwide,Chief Abayomi Ilori,Ateyese 1 worldwide,Chief Micheal Orobosa Ubogu,Amuludu 1 worldwide,BOT Chairman,Chief Tunde Oloyode,Bobajoko 1 of the source,Chief Erikefe,Olori Ebi 1 of the Universe/AJ Ambassador,Olorogun John Asiemo,prominently called as’
“Daddy Showkey,Aj Ambassador, Ededuan Daniel,AJ Soccer Ambassador,Chief Riliwan Amuni,Baba Oba 1 of the Source/PRO,Osupa Sanni(Six star),Henry Emmaniye(Seven star),Edmond Okoro(Five star),Ishaya Makaku(four star),David Edegu(Three Star),Ugh Ali and others.These personalities are ready to take Ajegunle to the Promised Land through humanitarian services to widows,orphans and schools.Mindset/Gabrio official media