The Condition for a happy marriage-By Bishop Umunna

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Bishop Umunna

1 Corinthians 13: 4-6
The most important need of a husband is honour. The woman’s primary need is security (everything security entails).
Love is God. True love is loving the imperfect perfectly. It is calm in nature; it does no harm.
The first sign of love is patience.
To prosper in marriage, one needs to celebrate his / her partner’s weakness.
Understand where they’re most strong / weak and their capabilities.

Observe your partner, understand your partner’s body language. Is he / she more active in the morning OR afternoon OR evening – night hours of the day ?
God created man, but made everyone unique in functionality and you should celebrate this in your partner.
Selfishness is eating up man and his home, but the way out is by Opening up with Sincerity (negotiating it, dialogue) of heart.
Building of one’s character is like a baby that is learning how to crawl; it takes time to manifest.
Develop capacity for love. “… so should husbands (love) their wives just as Christ love the church”.

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