The Primary Responsibility of Every Good Leader to Create Wealth for the People-Chief Ubogu,MD,Micura Services Ltd

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Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu is one of the fast-rising young maritime entrepreneurs cum grassroots philanthropists whose humanitarian services over the years has helped in creating employment opportunities for both youths and adults in Nigeria. His massive contribution to human capital development has earned him several meritorious awards both abroad and Nigeria in the past years till date. He is down to earth and he manages one of the best maritime companies in Africa with over 5000 workers both direct and indirect in his employment scheme. In this exclusive interview with Gabriovoicemagazine and Communitywatchplus, he spoke extensively on the need for Nigerians to search and vote for the rightful leaders come 2019 and other issues affecting the Nigeria economy.


What is your own view on the present crops of politicians vying for political positions come 2019 in Ajegunle?

The primary responsibility of every good leader to create wealth, employment opportunities and provide security of life and property for the people. Their political campaigns should be issue-based not fighting each other for personal needs. We must hold them accountable based on their political campaigns after 4years.Ajegunle people have many roles to play in the grassroots politics and politicians must campaign on what they can do for the people not otherwise. There must be a political parameter or appraisal to evaluate if such politician performed well after 4years.If he or she must be re-elected, then there must be a reappraisal for that.

What is your take on the national leadership in the country now?

The present government came into power when the economy was already destabilized in 2015.To some large extent, this government has witnessed some significant economic growth from the price of cruel oil to our naira value too. I’m not a supporter of any political leadership but there has been a significant improvement on fertilizer production in Nigeria. Our foreign reserve has significantly improved too.Though; there were so much economic and political expectations from Nigerians because of where we were coming from due to the epidemic corruption that greeted the previous governments in power. This government has really focused on how Nigerian companies can grow in all ramifications but saboteurs also fighting back to see that nothing happen in the economy.

How can your rate the present insecurity situation in the North East and other parts of the country?

To some large extent, the deadly bombings from Boko Haram members particularly strategic places have been reduced to a minimal level but the government needs to tackle the insecurity situation drastically.Boko Haram never started with President Mohammadu Buhari but from the then former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s second tenure. You know vividly that Boko Haram members are divided into many groups, some groups trying to gain grounds by committing more heinous crimes to generalize the situation as if the government is not working on the security of life and property. No doubt, we had lost many of our gallant soldiers and innocent villagers to Boko Haram over the years till date. I know that the situation would be brought to an end someday.

Tell us about your passionate love for widows’ ministry in Ajegunle for the past five years.

Wazobia Widows Foundation of Nigeria is a trusted NGO with capacity be pioneered by Evang.Benjamin Igoh.Coming from a background where resources were scared and God eventually visited my situation and I have no option than to help humanity. I ‘m not doing this for human praises or accolades but to appreciate God in my life and family. These widows in Ajegunle have been a blessing to me over the years through their prayers and I don’t regret of associating with them.


2019 elections is at the corner, as a serial entrepreneur that has vast knowledge of economic policies, what is your advice for politicians who will be steering the ship for another four years if elected?

Politicians must fulfill their campaign promises if elected come 2019.No country grows with weak economy. They must assemble professionals to manage the economy very well.

President Mohammadu Buhari once described Nigerian youths as lazy people, did you agree to that submission?

That statement was technically correct because many youths are interested in short-cut to wealth without due process. I was shocked recently when I asked a graduate to write a letter and he could not write a simple sentence to me and he needs an employment. Somebody who graduated 4 years ago and worked with some companies before seeking employment in Micura Services Limited. Only that singular act made him to lose that job in my company. If you have a sound educational background, in fact the labour market is waiting to employ you anytime and anyday.

Sir, you have recently joined the leagues of parents sending their children abroad for further studies and why not Nigerian-owned universities?

If a parent planned five years for his or her children to have first degree and Master’s degree, strikes and poor educational facilities can disrupt that plan. The affordability depends on each parents’ pockets. A C student in Nigeria here is an A student in abroad because of no interruption of academic calendar and quality educational facilities are being provided over there. The best foundation or legacy you can lay for your children to give them the best education of life and nothing more.

What is your advice for youths in Africa?

Every short-cut to wealth is just for the moment. Every youth must learn to workhard and put God first for everything in life. You can never be anything in life without God.Patience, integrity, accountability consistency and perseverance is the answer to wealth making.














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