Time to End Gaddafi Politics in Isokoland

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“Every good leader must have a good successor that will replicate his or her legacy in life”-Godday Odidi


For the past few months, I have been keenly watching the political activities of Isoko politics through the social media, I kept wondering what would happen in 2019 elections, would the same people who had been in politics from 1999 till date would still be re-elected or being voted out of power?

The shocking part is that the youths that ought to change the narrative structure of Isoko leadership are those passing votes of confidence to these so-called well-fed and selfish politicians in the land.Isoko politics would continue to remain in a retrogressive structure due to some weak youths that are not ready to fight for their political rights through different available media platforms in Delta State.

If President Buhari said Nigerian youths are lazy, few of us fought that political statement but looking from Isoko perspective, I felt our youths are not using the social media platforms very well to fight for their political rights than allowing these voracious politicians to give them stipends and second-hand cars as political compensations for another four straight democratic years.

Though, some Isoko youths have indicated interest to contest for the next elections with these Isoko political mafias under the new political platforms but the issue here is that many Isoko youths still doubt the credibility of these young aspirants for the race come 2019.

Not that the handful Isoko youths are not prepared for the next elections but what plays out mostly among the youth is false loyalty and pretence to the political mafias that had succeeded in turning the youths against themselves without seeing tomorrow than today.

For the few youths that have indicated interest to contest for 2019 elections in Isoko,some schools of thought have alleged that some are G-boys, that is, their source of wealth are not traceable. Bogus business activities are not only involved by the youths in Isoko but some highly respected personalities are deeply involved in this mess only using politics to cover up.

Come to think of these Isoko political gladiators like Hon.Leo Ogor, House of Representatives Minority leader, Comrade Macaulay Ovuzourie, former Delta SSG,Chief Solomon Ogba,Hon.Ross Uredi,Chief Askia Ogieh,Hon.Tim Owherefe,Hon.Erijo Johnson and host of others whose stake in State and Federal leaderships are very effective to the core.

One of the plaguing issues in Isoko politics is that the deciding gladiators are not ready to retire from active politics to make the younger ones take over from them. Most of these gladiators joined politics at their youthful ages when the older politicians felt their political strength and competence were not enough to bring the needed leadership to the region.

It is sad that some of the most educated and exposed Isoko youths are the ones advocating for gerontocratic leadership while seeing the youths as unprepared players. If those that are eminently qualified for the race as youths are still keeping their ambitions to their chest and not to offend these ruthless political mafias that they have paid so much allegiance to over the years in Isoko.

No doubt, elders in politics must be respected by the youths but a situation where the youths are fast-taking the back seats of leadership due to inexperienced and violence, then resistance and confidence must take a full course among the youths in Isokoland.

With the present crops of aspirants jostling for Isoko Federal Constituency, Isoko North Constituency, Isoko South Constituency1 and Isoko South Constituency 11 under different political platforms; PDP.ADP, PPA, APC, SDP and host of others show that Isoko nation is heading towards the Promised Land if free and fair party primaries are conducted for the aspirants in the next months to come in Isoko.

Again, some aspirants are just looking for political recognitions and while some are seriously in the contest to bring the required political change to liberate Isoko nation from the cabals. Some of the aspirants that have so far indicated interest from Isoko North to Isoko South are; Mike Ogwah,Blessing Obomovo,Jude Ogbimi,Edafe Oduh,Evans Egbo,Jubilant Igelige, Powel Ojogho,Ferguson Onwo,Micheal Akpobire,Ayodele Othihiwa,Oreva MacDonald,Raphael Okaruefe,Askia Ogieh(Jr),Sese Omu,Hon.Benjamin Essien and hosts of other young gladiators that want both economic and political progress for Isoko people.

In recent times, many political groups had been formed for the sole aim of wrestling power from these political mafias whose interests to remain in power for life and project their children for future leadership in Isokoland.

There is a great political pandemonium in Isoko now where those who are set to contest for different political positions in Isoko are afraid to indicate their interest probably not having much resource to wrestle power from these political mafias and only those that believe in God’s strength and masses have fully indicated their interest in the race so far.

With many votes of confidence being passed recently to certain politicians that ought to give way for the younger generations show the looming danger ahead of Isoko political future if not corrected now.

Though, those that have been representing Isoko state and federal constituencies from North to South since 1999 till date are yet to declare their political intentions but their body languages show that they might re-contest in 2019 . If Isoko must move forward, then those with political and economic track records must indicate interest for the race without any fear of political intimidations from these so-called political mafias.

Moreover, Isoko nation is blessed with abundant human and capital resources but harnessing the resources into potentialities has become a big problem in the region due to bad leadership from recycled mafias.

Some of these political mafias have succeeded over the years in conscripting their choice faithful on the masses without getting their views which had held sway on the leadership of Isoko nation.

 “If Gaddafi politics must end in Isoko nation, every youth must be ready to have their PVCs to vote out these selfish politicians whose political interests to collect chieftaincy titles for their personal recognitions not developmental progress of Isoko people except few ones”.

Lastly, the era Isoko youths acting like thugs for politicians in any given election must stop and they should be ready to embrace transformational politics and support aspirants or candidates with political track records.















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