Too Many Fake Successes on the Social Media Says Chief Ubogu

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The multiple award-winning maritime expert cum realist speaker, Chief Michael Ubogu, recently spoke with Gabrio Voice magazine at his palatial office, Apapa, Lagos, said many fake successes have taken over our social media platform.

According to him, giving is a ministry on its own and I don’t give money to people to receive their praises but fulfilling God’s promises in my life. I had passed through hard times in life and I sold all my valuable items to make sure Micura Services Limited is sought after in the maritime sector.

Speaking further, Chief Ubogu said social media has ruined many families where fake successes have been displayed on the social platform to impress those struggling in life.Photoshopping is another weapon of destructive element of creating family squabble. You can’t see me displaying my house or achievements on facebook.

To me, I don’t like displaying my humanitarian services on the media except media personalities like you who have picked interest in promoting us in all ramifications. I live by the biblical principles at giving alms to the poor. Not that I have all the wealth of this world just being contented with what God has given to me.

He added that we live to affect lives positively not to enrich ourselves only



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