Tunde Alapini: A Humble Man with Humanitarian Characteristics

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Chief Tunde Alapini


“Humility is the key to success”-Tunde Alapini


One of the senior management players of Micura Services Limited whose intellectual and managerial inputs has positively affected the growth of the company is Chief Tunde Alapini,Executive Director, one man that has bought into the vision of High Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu.

His entrepreneurial and managerial humility is worthy of emulation to the core. As a trained marketing expert, he has able to add value to the growth of Micura Services Limited over the years.

He is one silent humanitarian giant that does thing in legendary way. In Micura Services Limited, teamwork and excellence is the core value of the company.

For the past five years I knew him through Chief Michael Ubogu, his lifestyle has been peaceful and humane. His managerial loyalty is genuine to the company.

Joined Micura Services Limited 10 years, having worked with Dangote Company for many years where his inputs then helped in repositioning the company into an international standard.

As a marketing guru, he knows the nitty-gritty of maritime selling point and his marketing architectural capacity remains great in the industry.

He is synonymous with humility and excellence in life.Tunde Alapini has become a voice that cannot be ignored in the maritime industry. He remains a young man that has passion for humanitarian development.




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