Tunde Alapini: A Man with Uncommon Wisdom

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“Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens”.-Jimi Hendrix


Chief Tunde Alapini is one of the top management players of Micura Services Limited and award-winning maritime expert with difference.

 As the Executive Director, logistics and distribution of Micura Services Limited, he able to create innovative legacies in the company over the years by believing in the noble dream of Chief Michael Ubogu.

With his rich background of the Alapinis in Lagos State, Tunde has singled himself out for not depending on his family legacies but creating his name in the footprints of the maritime sector. His humility is worthy of emulation coupled with his wealthy background. Having worked with Dangote Company many years ago and resigned honorably to join Micura Services Limited, his services to clients remain the best.

In Micura Services Limited, all the management team work as one family and Chief Tunde is one of the leading lights in the company where his managerial skills are put to work.

Apart from his managerial skills in Micura,Tunde has passion in helping the less-privileged and widows in Nigeria. He believes in helping humanity with passionate mindset. Humility and integrity runs in his vein. He is one of those that started with Chief Ubogu from one room office to a large exquisite office now. His friendship with Chief Ubogu is beyond Micura and both running on the same page of success and diversification of ideas. He remains confidant of Micura Services Limited to rely on without altercation. He is happily married and blessed with lovely kids.




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