Tunde Alapini:A Marketing Strategist with Midas Touch

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Chief Tunde



“If you must get to the top in life, humility must be embraced in all ramifications”-Godday Odidi


One top secret that makes great employee to succeed in most blue chip companies in Africa is humility and commitment to management growth and development.

Successful entrepreneurs in the world today never started from the top but once served their employers and humility brought them from the scratch to greatness.

Chief Tunde Alapini is the Executive Director of Micura Services Limited and award-winning marketing strategist whose managerial capacity has helped in supporting the exponential growth of the company for the past years till date.

As a trained marketing strategist that once worked with Dangote company rose to an enviable position before joining Micura Services Limited few years ago.

He is an epitome of humility and creativity in the maritime sector and today, he is being loved by many personalities in the sector where his expertise is respected.

Many a time, I have paid him visit in his office; he is always committed to developmental growth of Micura Services Limited attending to senior and junior staffers of the company.

In business developmental planning of a great company that has future prospect, it needs the competent management team to work in line with the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is a man with humble heart for business growth.


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