Tunde Alapini:A Simple Man with Simple Heart

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Chief Tunde Alapini


One detribalized Nigerian that I have met in my life that has easy-going character is Chief Tunde Alapini, Executive Director of Micura Services Limited and 2016 Mindset awardee.

With his rising profile from Dangote Group to Micura Services Limited, Chief Tunde has proved his managerial acumen on entrepreneurial leadership in the maritime sector over the years.

He is one man that believes in the entrepreneurial leadership of Chief Michael Ubogu,MD Micura Services Limited and today the company’s success can also be attributed to the managerial efficiency of Chief Tunde Alapini.He was born with a silver spoon but decided to live a simple life of mankind.

Over the years, Tunde has exhibited managerial competence coupled with several trainings in marketing and public relations in the entrepreneurial and stevedoring leadership. His humility is worthy of emulation when it comes to African culture and entrepreneurial leadership in Nigeria. He is a voice to identify with in the maritime sector and a trusted fellow to the core.


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