Uloma Ubogu:Happy Birthday to a Woman of Substance with Philanthropic Legacies 

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“Great women help to build their marriages in life”-Godday Odidi


One of the great women I had met for the past six years whose love for humanity has earned mindset respect is Princess Uloma Ubogu, Deputy Managing Director of Micura Services Limited and founder Lauretta Uloma Foundation.

December 13th is a special day in the life of Princess Uloma who has contributed graciously in the growth of Micura Services Limited for the past 12years.

When High Chief Michael Ubogu left his paid job to take another mouth-watering job in one of the blue ship companies, it was Prince Uloma who told her husband, honey just stay focused to start your own company, at that moment Chief Ubogu confidence grew with hope of life.

Princess Uloma also shares the same birthday date with her last child and she has graciously affected lives at all levels.

She is one of the inestimable women in Africa that is not loud and always creating impacts by helping humanity silently.

According to Comrade Adewale Adeyanju, President-General of Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) told Gabriovoice.com recently at his well-furnished office that the success of Chief Ubogu cannot be completed without his dear wife.Ubogu married a good woman that support his vision. God will continue to protect her for us, he prayed.

Princess Uloma Ubogu has received many awards, accolades and portraits from different organizations based on her silent humanitarian services to the poor in Africa.

The soft-spoken female personality has jealously guarded her marriage from the prey of secret admirers and today, she is reaping the fruit of her labour.She is a virtuous woman that knows the value of marital bliss.

Princess Uloma Ubogu is a woman that loves to see everybody around her happy in life.

Once again, Happy birthday to a generous giver, May God bless your new age ma. Lolo 1








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