Umunna: Living a Fulfilled Life as Servant of God in Africa

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“Every true success is attached with great legacy”-Godday Odidi


Bishop Leonard Umunna is one of the few clergies in Nigeria whose spiritual calling has positively affected the arrays of youth, widows, widowers and Christians in Africa.

Living a fulfilled life in God’s kingdom is a divine gift that God has bestowed on the life of Bishop Ununna whose legendary inputs are unbeatable and undisputable to the core.

By June 25th, 2018, Bishop Leonard will be 64years old on earth but his healthy living status is commendable and divine from God. According to him, I had never been to hospital in my life and I always watch the kind of food I eat to maintain my health status.

In Ajegunle community today, Bishop Umunna has made indelible marks in the sands of time when it comes to ministerial fulfillment and humanitarian services in Africa. He has over the years devoted every Valentine day to host sports festival for youths and kids in Ajegunle.His love for sports development is worthy of emulation to the core. He is one man of God who has definitely lived 64 years of his life on earth for humanitarian and philanthropic development.

According to him, I prefer to see my members and people around me enjoying the basic needs of life and fulfilling biblical injunctions. Christians must be champions to unseat the powers of darkness on earth. Any pastor that is requesting money for prayers is not from God.

In spite of his legendary calling over the years, Bishop Umunna has never be alleged of any religious atrocities and always defeating the devices of the devil in his life. He has duly paid his dues in ministry and philanthropy in Africa. Having trained and ordained many gospel preachers that are equally doing well in kingdom assignment across the globe and he remains a father for all.

Conclusively, Bishop Leonard Umunna is one man of God in Africa that has respect for both old and young ministers of God before and after him. He loves living a contented lifestyle with his ministers and members always. Flamboyance is not in the spirit of Daddy Umunna than helping the needy to fulfill their destinies.



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