We are Determined to Change the Face of Ajegunle Says Hon.Ayoola

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Hon.Fatai Ayoola
Hon.Fatai addressing some Ajegunl publishers
Hon.Fatai on Ajegunle publishers
Hon.Ayoola in group photograph with top Ajegunle publishers



Executive Chairman, Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government Area of Lagos State, Hon.Fatai Ayoola has called on all Ajegunle people to support his government, adding that government cannot grow without the people, it is the people that form the government.

According to Hon Fatai Ayoola addressing some top Ajegunle publishers in his office recently said, his government is set to provide massive infrastructural developments for the people of Ajegunle in spite of the current economic quagmire in the country. By December; Ajegunle city will be experiencing serious lightening for the yuletide season which has not happened in the previous governments.

I have been in Ajegunle over the years and even though I travelled out of the country, I will still return to Ajegunle as my beloved home.

On trailers indiscriminating parking in Ajegunle,Ayoola said, the concession of Apapa port is one the major problem why trailers are being parked in all nooks and crannies of Ajegunle indiscriminatingly but soon solution will be provided to the plight of Ajegunle motorists and dwellers. There is a planned project on ground to construct a large trailer park to ease the sufferings of motorists in Ajegunle.

Speaking further, he said his 100days in office will be marked in a low key. What is paramount in my government is to fulfill the 4point agenda for Ajegunle people. My government is opened to everybody, he said.


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