We Must Change Our Constitution and the Name Nigeria now Says Bishop Umunna

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Presiding Bishop of Bible Life Church Cathedral(BLCC) and one of the renowned voices on solutions to Nigeria’s leadership crisis and insecurity threat over the years, Bishop Leonard Umunna has called on top Nigerian decision makers to go back on how to change the Nigeria constitution that is obsolete to modern leadership in Africa, stressing that the name Nigeria also affecting our unity as a people which name must be review now. Every name giving to a child has a meaning attach to it. If we looked at how Nigeria was amalgamated in 1914, you will know that our present leadership crisis is traced from that root.
According to him, if Nigeria must experience massive progress in terms of quality leadership in Africa, we must deem fit to change the constitution and the name Nigeria now. This continuous delay has done more harm than good in leadership perspective over the years.
Umunna said Nigeria’s leadership is decided by few cabals without the inputs of the electorate. It is what our leaders presented to us we always vote for in any given elections in Nigeria.
“This year 2018 Nigerians are really experiencing economic crisis making many to become perpetual liars and this is just a face of life. In 2019, the country will experience boom that is how God has made it to be”.
He added that the bill not too young to run that was recently signed into law by President Buhari was a welcomed development but the issue here is that how many young people are prepared for leadership and if given leadership what is their strength. Anybody that is competent and qualified should run for any political office in the country. This idea would make many young people to sit tight for creative leadership in the future, he added


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