We Need Quality Leaders for Good Governance in Delta State-Mr.Ozofere

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-Delta youths must think beyond the electoral box


The President of Ozoro Progress Union (OPU) Lagos-central and thoroughbred technocrat, Mr.Kennedy Ozofere, a award-winning grassroots philanthropist, has called on Deltans to vote for quality candidates in 2023,adding that only good candidates with good thinking caps can take the state to the Promised Land.

According to him while speaking to gabriovoice.com editor,Godday Odidi via whatsapp said the era of electing mediocre leaders are over and we cannot continue to elect people who think of how to amass wealth  in power but those that can create legacies in leadership must be voted into power comes 2023.

Mr.Ozofere explained that youths in Delta State must start developing themselves with new skills not to be dependent on politicians that will use them as thugs.

“I will continue to advocate for quality leaders in Delta State and Nigeria. Our politics has been governed by mediocre leaders who use every opportunity to steal money in government”.

“If we elect leaders with legacies, there is assurance that they would do well for the masses”.

He said that in 2023 anybody that has good legacies in leadership and business must contest as governor in Delta State, particularly, the Isoko must not be left out in the political scheme of things, he said.



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