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Exactly,two years ago,I met a renowned USA-Igbo based lecturer cum author at Ajegunle in one my friends’ shops and we became friend instantly.He has been in USA for 40years and still living there,only came for Holiday in Nigeria.At that time,we met,he was 69years ago and now 71years.He told me straight,you are determined youngman ready to succeed but the political leadership has failed your generation.At that moment,I stood for a while not talking,he smiled at me,Godday stopped thinking, just keep doing your work,fortune would smile on you someday but removed your mind from one government progress,it is only for the few and their families.I started weeping like a child.But,today,my generation can think of formidable leadership without your family belonging to the few cliques in power.Where judgements are upturned for selfish interest not for the masses.My generation are writing,commending and while only few condemning the nefarious acts penetrated by few cabals that take God for granted.Prof.Wole Soyinka once said his generation had failed the nation,we thought,he was joking but what we are seeing today is the remanants of the failed generation of their time.My generation is only limited to speak on the social media and can’t take protests on the streets because of fear of being molested by armed men recruited purposely to fight armless civilians not Security destroyers.Nigeria is really a shithole where political leaders make promises without conscience.Conscience is buried alive without God.My generation is more you work hard,the harder life comes to you.Only the fraudulent people are easily celebrated without verifying the source of their wealth.My generation has missed it!Just work for yourself and family only,that is your biological children.My generation is weeping for change but change refuses to come.A popular saying ‘God’s time is the best’ this saying has become an old adage and those who hoped on it already in their 60s and 70s.


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