What Many People Don’t Know About Hon.Rita Orji as a Federal Legislator?

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Hon.Rita Orji



“You don’t judge people by what you hear about them but judge people by what you see about them directly”-Godday Odidi


For the past few weeks, I have been reading some lugubrious and uncouth comments on the personality of Hon.Rita Orji on the social media that she is not personally accessible to the people of her constituency since she was elected as a federal legislator in 2015 elections.

Early this year at Amukoko community of Ifelodun Local Council Development Area of Lagos State when Hon.Rita Orji went to pay a condolence visit to the late Azubike’s family that was mistakenly shot by the Nigeria police, a young man from the crowd told Hon.Rita Orji that he has been trying to reach her for his youth organization but no avail that some people in her constituency preventing him from reaching her privately. But Hon.Rita Orji replied him that her constituency phone lines are boldly displayed outside the office to reach her while complaining publicly brother.

Hon.Rita Orji‘s representation at the National Assembly is not only for PDP members but also to everybody in Ajegunle.For those writing on the social media that Orji is not accessible to the people got it wrong absolutely because the Orji I know is one female legislator that picks calls not stored on her phone.
Time without number, I have used several unknown numbers to reach her on phone and she picks and tells you when she will be coming to her constituency office.

For the past 13 years I started writing personality profiles in Nigeria, it was Hon.Rita Orji’s representation that made me believed that not all politicians are mendacious liars and I came to realize again in life that in this fourth-estate realm profession, you must learn to investigate objectively before publication because it can lead to litigation or libel against such desperate writer that wants to use public figure to gain unhygienic popularity.

It would amaze you that Hon.Rita Orji does not have PA that picks call for her and she does her calling and receiving only.

As a budding writer then in Ajegunle promoting leaders and entrepreneurs few years ago, I was trying to reach many of our political representatives through phone calls and text messages but  outrightly turned me down because they saw no future in our medium then. She is a grassroots politician that knows the pains of everybody in her constituency.

One thing you must know about Hon.Rita Orji, she values both the rich and the poor people around her. She has no preferential treatment for anybody in Ajegunle in irrespective of the political party you are coming from.

Before she joined the race in 2015, she has been a world-class Tasly world networker across the globe whose networking skills brought her before great foreigners who saw marketing skills and made her the most influential marketer in Africa. She has been a crowd-puller over the years.

Hon.Rita Orji is the most accessible federal legislator ever elected from Ajeromi-Ifelodun Federal Constituency and one detribalized politician that believes positively in grassroots politics to the core.

I’ m not here to sing her political praises but the facts must be stated straight for viewers and readers to know her well. She is one woman that is passionate about good ideas from young people in Ajegunle.

Another fact about the personality of Hon.Rita Orji is that she does not listen to political gossip from party followers but prefer to hear directly from the person in the game of gossip.

According to her, as a trained lawyer cum professional politician, you must familiarize yourself with your constituency to know the exact needs and provide solutions to it.

“If those outside her constituency can have accessible to her, how much more those in her constituency she is fully representing at the National Assembly since 2015 till date”.

After the 2015 elections, Hon.Rita Orji told the avid audience while marking one year in office that her representation at the National Assembly is for everybody in Ajegunle not PDP only.

So, for mischief makers to go on the social media to cast aspersion on the personality of Hon.Rita Orji got it wrong and she is accessible and productive when it comes to community development.

 Hon.Rita Orji is not an arrogant politician as many social media critics describe her but humble and creative to the core. Another fact about her, she loves sincere and honest people and not political betrayers. If you must keep sincere relationship with her as a media expert or politician, you must speak with one face. She remains a woman with unassuming character and has genuine love for her constituency.









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