Why Omobarca Picked Interest in Olumoh and Orji in Ajeromi-Ifelodun Politics

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Omobarca and friends



For the few years in Ajeromi-Ifelodun politics, Mr.Francis Chima popularly called by friends and admirers as’Omobarca’ has picked interest in non-sentimental politics where every tribe can live peacefully in the two local governments without qualms

One of the recent posts I read where one of the sentimental facebook posters lambasted Francis Chima and Rita Orji on the recent court case of the latter and HKT.It shows that the facebook poster does not know Mr.Francis Chima,Managing Director of Chimfrancee Ventures very well in Ajegunle politics.

At 36, Mr.Chima Francis has affected many poor dwellers in Ajegunle with his resources where he believes that politics should be played by those that are detribalized to the core.

Again, the facebook poster got it wrong by saying Mr.Francis Chima is an avid supporter of Hon. Rita Orji of the PDP.He is not someone looking for financial help from Hon. Rita Orji but just has passion for positive representation and nothing more.

Mr. Francis Chima is a detribalized entrepreneur cum philanthropist that has more of Yoruba people as his trusted allies than the Igbos.

If you know Francis Chima very well, he is one young man that believes that only good representation can make Ajeromi-Ifelodun great again if the rightful people are elected into various offices in the State.

His closeness to Hon.Fatai Ajidagba,the present Local Government Chairman of Ifelodun LCDA is based on his political commitment and legacy to the people over the years.

Everybody knows that the newly elected Lagos State House of Assembly member,Hon.Lukman Olumoh of Ajeromi-Ifelodun Constituency 1 is the right choice of Mr. Francis Chima,that is, his manifestoes and style of approach to political leadership convinced him that if elected ,he would perform better and that is all.

In one of the interviews with  Mr.Francis Chima last year, he told Mindset Media Limited/Gabriovoice.com that as far any contestant in Ajeromi-Ifelodun politics is ready to represent the people well, he has no option than to support the person irrespective of the political party he or she belongs to.

The facebook poster only posted this to see Francis Chima as someone not in support of the APC candidate but the fact remains that he does not hate anybody in Ajeromi-Ifelodun politics. Politics is a choice not by pretence or force as it being played in Ajegunle now.

Mr.Francis Chima is one young progressive philanthropist that has love for political development of Ajegunle politics. His style of philanthropy is worthy of emulation to core.







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