Wisdom Ogbaoyibo: A Gifted Prophet of God with Divine Mandate in Africa

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Pastor Wisdom Ogbaoyibo


“Every gift of God has gesticulation period of manifestation”-Godday Odidi

One of the fast-rising young prophets of the most High that is spirit-filled to liberate the kingdom of darkness in recent times is Pastor Wisdom Ogbaoyibo,general coordinator, Rain of Fire International Ministry,aka city of power, a ministry destined to liberate the children of God from the power of wicked oppressors and foundational causes in their lives.

At his 30s, God has been using Pastor Wisdom Ogbaoyibo to preach righteousness among Christian faithful in Nigeria and Africa. His ministerial experience coupled with the prophetic gift that God has bestowed on him to bring happiness to many homes that seek heavenly grace in their lives.

His kind generosity in God’s kingdom is excellently creatively to the core. God has used him mightily over the years to interpret great dreams that turned to reality to members that believe on the magnitude of his divine grace upon life.

His faithfulness in the kingdom of God is extraordinary when it comes to prophetic ministry and judicious use of God’s resources to grow God’s kingdom. God has used him mightily to heal all manners of illness across Africa with great testimonies of life.

The young award-winning clergy once told gabriovoicenews.com that God has destined him to serve God till eternity no matter the challenges of life; he would remain faithful to His Maker.

For counseling and Prophetic Prayers call Pastor Wisdom Ogbaoyibo 08168362514/Whatsapp




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