Worst Thing to Handle in Life is Success Says Chief Ubogu

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The Managing Director of Micura Services Limited and one of the frontline realist speakers in Nigeria, High Chief Michael Ubogu, recently spoke with Gabrio Voice Magazine in his palatial office on how success is difficult to handle in life.

According to this notable maritime expert, said one thing to get to the top and other thing to maintain the top. Success can make you and success can destroy you in terms of character display.

Success is meant for hardworking and creative people who knew where they came from and where they are going in life. The onus to handle success is by the grace of God.

Speaking further, Ubogu said for you to remain afloat in success, you must not live above your means or impressed people on any platform in life.

Whatever I do for humanity is between God and me. Giving is a ministry on its own. Even when I was salary earner, I was a serial giver to the core. Giving is part of my life and not to impress anybody on earth.

He added that not everybody is happy when you are making progress in life and just stay focus and be prayerful always, he said.







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