You Must Differentiate Between Financial Intelligence and Educational Intelligence in Business-Chief Ubogu

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High Chief Michael Orobosa Ubogu is the Chief Executive Officer, Micura Services Limited and a multiple award-winning philanthropist cum entrepreneur. An international maritime expert that has provided over 5000 jobs both direct and indirect in Africa. In this exclusive chat with, he explained vividly why he marked his late in-law 5th anniversary (Elder Wilson Enwerezor) at Ashaka Town in Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta State on the 23rd of December, 2017, Micura at 11 and other sundry issues affecting entrepreneurial leadership in Africa.


Tell us why you decided to mark your late in-law 5th anniversary in Delta State rather than Abia State where he came from?

Once again, I want to use this medium to thank everybody that attended this great event that brought all my friends, families and well-wishers together at Ashaka Town in Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta State on the 23rd of December, 2017.Everybody that attended this celebration came back to their different locations both in Nigeria and abroad in a safe mood. God infinite mercy will continue to bless you all in Jesus name amen. Come back to your question, my late in-law (Elder Wilson Enwerezor) was very dear to me when he was alive. He made my marriage rite successful, you know that when a non-tribe is marrying an Igbo woman, you spend a lot of money in dowry but in this case, my late in-law made everything worked well for me. He stood his ground to make sure I married his daughter as a wife not as a product. This anniversary was not to show-up wealth but I had a convincing dream where my late in-law wanted me to celebrate him. Though, as a Christian, I don’t believe in superstition but this one re-oriented my mindset, there is need to mark this great legend of Abia state. It was a capital-intensive event put together by me to mark a man who left a mark in the sands of time. I’ m known in Delta State than Abia State that was why I hosted the event here. All the first class traditional rulers from Abia State were fully present at the anniversary. All my friends from abroad came to celebrate with me too. It was an event that brought crème da la crème of people in one hall to mark my late in-law anniversary.

February 16th, 2018, Micura Services Limited as a company became 11th –year- old, what are the next plans?

First of all, I want to also thank God for the great sustainability upon Micura Services Limited and its workers. We started from one room now occupying almost all the rooms in the building now as result of focus and one mindset. God has been grateful to us in spite of the current economic challenges, this company stands tall among other stevedoring companies in Africa. We have able to put food on the tables of many and beyond. We have put our customers’ satisfaction first before our personal priorities as individuals working in Micura Services Limited.Micura Services Limited journey to 20years would be fulfilled as we continue to pursue innovative values into our company. At present Micura Services Ltd will be the first maritime stevedoring company to be certified with International Standard Organization ISO 1900/2015, we are almost at 75 percent of it.

How can you rate this present leadership in Nigeria?

Well, as a businessman, I believe that this government has improved in the agricultural sector and railway system. At least 60 percent of rice consumed in Nigeria now is being produced by Nigerians. Unlike, when our entire rice mill were all imported from foreign lands. Most of the present leadership crises were not caused by today’s government but previous governments that were embedded with high profile corruption. Our external reserve and weak economy is gradually picking up now. The government is just three years old, making some creative impacts to revamp the economy now.

Ajegunle community has become a hiding place for criminals, what is the major cause sir?

I grew up in Ajegunle in my youthful days and I never joined bad guys. We knew what we wanted and we fought hard to become somebody in life. There was a time, I thought something in my heart that what was the need of giving money to people in the public gathering and why not provide jobs for them. I placed an advert for jobs in Micura Services Limited targeting Ajegunle youths particularly, this advert was on for months waiting for our youths in Ajegunle to be employed, only few ones applied. If they say our youths are lazy, that context was not bad. Most of our youths are not ready to work than waiting for somebody to give them free money always. In Ajegunle, our youths are interested in taking hard drugs and with the high proliferations of hotels everywhere without government regulating the process has equally brought criminality to prominence among youths in recent times. Lack of parental failure also caused these nefarious activities among youths in Ajegunle.

What is all about Lauretta Uloma Foundation?

We are almost through with the CAC registration of this foundation now. This foundation cuts across every group in Africa as a helping hand to humanity. My wife has been part of my success story when it comes to humanitarian capacity and managerial development. We empower widows, orphans, children, widowers and less privileged ones in Nigeria. This foundation has been partnering with Wazobia Widows foundation of Ajegunle and we recently distributed school bags to Ashaka Primary school and some schools in Ajegunle here. We believe in giving back to the society we once had nothing in life and God saw us through.

What makes you a successful entrepreneur in life?

We are not yet there. The parameter to be a successful entrepreneur in life when you put your trust in God and provide the needs of your clients. In Micura, we believe in teamwork to get the required result as a corporate organization. At present, we are pursuing our international standard organization certificate to make sure our company is globally recognized .We have vibrant management team making Micura vision coming to pass in all ramifications. In business you must separate friendship from family. Every business has its guiding principle to succeed in life.

What model is Micura Services Limited applying to succeed in this turbulent maritime sector in Nigeria?

You must distinguish between financial intelligence from educational intelligence. You might be educated but has no financial intelligence and might have financial intelligence but not educated. You must have aggressive policy of saving culture and diversify into other grey areas of businesses. You must be loyal to your clients if you must succeed in business in life.

What is your entrepreneurial advice for youths in Africa?

Every African youth must be ready to be educated at all levels of life and shun criminal activities.





Chief Ubogu


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