You Need Sabificate to Excel in Life Says Agatha Amata

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The Managing Director of Inside-Out Media Limited, Rave TV, Trend 100.9 FM and one of the Nigerian longest TV talk show goddess and multiple award-winning presenter, Agatha Amata has called on all determined Nigerians both old and young to pursue Sabificate to fulfill their destinies in life.

Speaking at the maiden Outstanding Women Award ceremony in Lagos as an awardee and guest speaker, where she spoke on “Career building”, she said only “Sabificate” can give you fulfillment in life while certificate can provide you a job but not satisfaction. I can’t imagine myself reading Botany from University of Jos, had good WAEC result from the science subjects and graduated successfully but pinch my tent with the media. My driven passion coupled with contacts got me so far in life.

She explained further that many people are yet to identify their areas of callings than living fake lifestyles. Humility leads you to greatness in life. Many Nigerians are not humble to learn from those better than them in life. Greatness is not picked from the pit but you have to demonstrate it in a genuine way to attract helpers to you as an individual.

Sabificate will easy your struggles in life while certificate will give you temporary satisfaction without fulfillment.

In life you don’t copy peoples ‘lifestyles but pursue your divine area of calling to reach the zenith of life. You need a good mentor to direct your career in life not a role model. Good mentorship helps to build your career in all levels of life.Sabificate will always give you success tips, she said.


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