Young People must Take Concrete Counseling from their Mentors-Ike Johnson, NYA Boss

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The Founder of Nigeria Youth Assembly (NYA) and award-winning youth leader, Comrade Ike Johnson has called on Nigerian youths to take advice seriously from their mentors and advisers, adding that only humble youths can succeed in this present era.

Speaking to at his palatial office, Comrade Ike Johnson, who recently graduated from the National Open University for his LLB degree in Law, said some youths are not ready to learn from those that mentored them to life. Integrity with my mentor, Professor Pat Utomi has helped me to meet highly placed personalities in Nigeria and abroad. I have attended several classic seminars and conferences over the years till date.

Ike advised Nigerian youths to look for creative mentors and they should be ready to learn. Even though God has raised you up as a mentee, learn to show respect to your mentor always.




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